Science Fair Judges Registration - About

Judges Responsibilities

Your Role in Judging:

Prior to the fair you will be assigned approximately 5 projects that you will review and score the night of the fair. You will have access to written abstracts of the students’ experiments also prior to the night of the fair so that you may prepare questions to ask the student during the presentation. A standard score sheet is provided to the judge for each project. You will be able to review the presentation board and then hear the students’ oral presentations. Student projects will be judged by at least 3 judges, so your score will be averaged with two others.

General information on SJS 7th and 8th grade science Projects

SJS 7th and 8th grade students are directed to follow the below steps in choosing, conducting, analyzing and presenting a science project. This is a major part of their 3rd quarter science grade as well as their entry in the school, and possibly the Diocesan Science Fair.

Project Design: They are to design an experiment with a problem to be investigated, which has a testable hypothesis. They will have adequate trials, include controls, and explain variables.

Conduct the Experiment: The students will perform the planned number of trials as outlined in the procedure, collect the data with each trial (record precisely, in metric units), organize the results in a clear fashion and analyze the data to draw a conclusion - does it support the hypothesis?

Present the Project: A presentation board will be prepared with the following sections: Title, Purpose, Hypothesis, Procedure, Results and Conclusions. All the information on the board should be clearly labeled, organized neatly and can be creative with color, photographs, etc.

Oral Presentations: Along with the presentation board, the student will give an oral presentation to include a review of the experimental design, the hypothesis and conclusion. This is done in the classroom and again at the Fair. He/She will answer questions from Mrs. Hurley (Science Teacher) in class and again by the judges -- How did you decide on the problem? What are the controls? How could you improve it next time? Were you surprised by the conclusion? Etc.